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Quickbooks Learn & Support Online QBO Support your new upgrade sucks!!!

version of quickbooks

For a fee, you can add payroll and accept credit card payments from your website. At Hosting Data, an online web hosting comparison site for UK users, we use Quickbooks Online for all our accounting needs. The software can become difficult to use as your business grows and requires more advanced features. QBO was designed to be user-friendly to the end user not to the accountant. The screens an accountant is used to seeing are still there but hidden and not as easy to find. This means it’s “harder” to use because QBO is honestly more complicated than QuickBooks Desktop.

But as soon as you have five users, you need to upgrade to QuickBooks Plus for $85 per month — over twice the cost of Xero Growing. The QuickBooks Online app promises to help you log miles, create invoices, maintain finances and cash flow, and track your profit and loss reports. It has been downloaded over 5 million times from Google Play.

It’s pretty damn expensive

You’re making me repurchase something I already purchased. You’re essentially taking away functionality from a product I already purchased. “Scat-like”, perhaps a better PG13 term for Intuit’s tactics. As another option, you can import the bank statements data by an importer tool with a lower cost.

  • Updated versions are released each year, with new features and functionality added annually.
  • Our accounting needs are about as simple as accounting needs get.
  • The amount of time between dialogues was probably made to frustrate the customer so they disconnect.
  • QB is the worst experience I have ever had with an online accounting provider.

The big drawback to QuickBooks Online is the high price. QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online offer two distinct approaches to small business accounting, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Yet this division between the traditional QBD software and the cloud-based QBO solution leads many home-service professionals to wonder which version of the software might be a better fit for them. And, indeed, it can be confusing if you’re not familiar with each flavor of the accounting software and what it has to offer. For years businesses both large and small found Intuit’s QuickBooks software to be their solution for business bookkeeping and accounting. Over the years the product line grew to support larger businesses, with the Enterprise edition scaling to 30 users and boasting a load of operational process support features.

Bank feeds in QBO are superior to QuickBooks Desktop

Quickbooks is a great, cloud-based service offering both accounts receivable and accounts payable features, with an easy to use mobile app, it can be accessed at the tip of your finger. Being able to create and issue an invoice from your phone is extremely useful as a small tech business working with other small to medium sized businesses. QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit. When we considered moving to QuickBooks Online, we considered what loss of access would mean. We understood the local backup procedures and we carefully considered our use case. We all agreed we could withstand a few days a year without access to our accounting software.

No way to email, submit a ticket, or leave a chat message over weekend. It is a circular flow of nonsense all to finally provide a phone number that says call back during business hours. It is the most pathetic customer service experience I’ve ever seen. And we still don’t have integrations between QuickBooks Time and many of Intuit’s products, which is a common complaint among users. The difficulty in syncing data between related products of the same company is a little embarrassing for Intuit.

Customer Service and Support

Great bookkeeping is all about working efficiently, accurately, and swiftly. A majority of this depends on the ease of access to transactions and the software provided. QuickBooks is the preferred software for a majority of small businesses, but not all of QuickBooks’ products are the same. If the bank feed feature is too critical for your business but you are reluctant to upgrade your QBD, consider switching to a free cloud based accounting app.


For more than two decades, QuickBooks has been the de facto accounting software for small businesses across a vast number of industries. From restaurants to retailers and plumbers to painters, professionals in nearly every line of business have benefited from QuickBooks. And while for many years QuickBooks was limited to desktop computing environments, there now exists an alternate version of the software that’s accessible from any internet-connected device. Xero’s payroll is through a deep integration with a third-party service called Gusto. The integration starts at $39 per month plus $6 per month per person. Gusto lets you automate payroll filing, taxes, and deductions.

I just truckers bookkeeping service to cancel my payroll subscription and the lady was very nice and didn’t try to sell me a bunch of other stuff. She cancelled my subscription and sent me a confirmation email and that was that, total of 10 minutes. Just got off the phone with Sara who was very helpful and quite apologetic for the shortcomings in the newest version (12.0) of Enterprise. However, “Ardie” with whom I spoke before Sara was very difficult to understand . I finally had to ask him to spell his name after I’d had him repeat it 3 times.

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Devices— With your username and password, log into your account from any device. Monthly Pricing— Instead of a big, up-front fee, QBO is based on a subscription model. Here’s a look at the biggest advantages and potential drawbacks of using QuickBooks Desktop for your home-service business. You can pull these reports or schedule them to run at a specific time, like every quarter. I am yet to find a QB help person who can answer 1 question. I am on hour 6 right now today trying to get a w-2 question answered.

Contact Management

I understand that many reviews are the opposite so I feel its important to know some good as well. Took only 2 months to realize the product doesn’t work. Canceled acct online and got email confirmation, yet they still processing monthly bill. I will spend the rest of my life badmouthing this poor excuse for a business. It won’t surprise you to learn that we are “ProAdvisor Certified” on all QuickBooks products.

QuickBooks Time is a time tracking and scheduling software that has some serious issues. In this article, we go through five of them. I have been dealing with Intuit all day today. Since morning, I have finally gotten done with them. Never for the love of god, ever get a checking account with them or do business.

The software allows user-defined classes that can be used to customize the software for almost any business. Reports can be linked to Excel for further analysis. The data in Excel can then be updated from within QuickBooks Desktop, so you don’t have to redo your analysis every time an updated report is generated.

It took over 30 minutes for a bot to connect us to a human. The human wanted to run us through the set of tests we had already performed but in the end told us to call customer service. You’ve got your company’s best interest in mind. You can rest assured that we will work closely with you to create actionable business plans and accurate financial reporting. We offer our toolkit of financial intelligence that will be your greatest asset for business growth.

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Bit of a learning curve & can be time consuming – learning how to reconcile payments, how products & services work, etc. The software also provides a variety of integration options so you can easily connect it to other applications and services. This allows businesses to better understand their financial picture and make more informed decisions about operations.

We can track job supplies, job time, purchases, and anything directly related to income or expense to a particular job. The hours of our office employees, rent, electricity for the building and anything like that? Well, QuickBooks is now working on an extension to job costing, which will ultimately make job costing in QBO much more robust than it is in Desktop. Depending on how many people you want to share access with — as well as whether or not your business sells physical products — you’ll likely end up choosing between the Essentials and the Plus plans. Each of these options includes a free, 30-day trial and unlimited live support. Once you’ve selected the plan that’s right for your business, finish creating your account and uploading your existing financials.


Keeping you in working order is my top priority. This isn’t the kind of service we want you to have. I’m here to let you know that your opinion and feedback are greatly appreciated. Enter your product suggestions in the pop-up.

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I love to help you with your issue about QuickBooks Online . For me to provide you with the resolution, may I know what specific assistance you need? I can answer some general questions or concerns you may have about QBO. Simply click theReplybutton below, and I’ll do everything in my power to assist. One that I came across was on a recurring sales receipt because that’s the only way to auto-pay with a card, and when the card wouldn’t process the receipt status would still say “paid”.

They will charge you even when the customer decides to opt out of the option.They also dont bring it to your attention until after the charges have been processed. They can improve by offering better customer care and support for the guest and not themselves. When you ask for a refund they put the blame on the customer. This year they discontinued the desktop version altogether. You can’t get a desktop version, the desktop version stops working with banks which renders it useless, and the only option they sell is an subscription based online version.

To me, these are the elephants in the room that QBO enthusiasts simply dance around. If you want anytime anywhere access, use QuickBooks Desktop in a hosted environment. And for goodness sake, back it up to your local computer every once in a while! I have clients on QuickBooks Online, and I support the product in my practice.

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