Youth Ministry

Full Gospel Churches Youths Ministry

SCOC has a vision to raise a generation of God fearing young people whose entire lives on earth fulfill God’s purpose for mankind. The mission diligently teaches, moulds and sensitizes the youth to be vigilant and very keen amidst the perverse and permissive societies surrounding them. In the pursuit of this vision, the mission employs several approaches to reach out to the body, soul and spirit of the young people from different backgrounds and cultural settings.

Intensive Sunday school classes are conducted to prepare the youth face whichever challenges may come their way. This program was introduced by the founders of the mission and it has proved so effective with many success stories over the years. It is a life transforming process that has helped many young people realize their full potentials and live a life in its fullness while enjoying the beauty of knowing God at a tender age. It involves teaching, discussions, questions and answer sessions, presentations, educative plays, video shows, gospel outreaches and many others.

Youth camps, seminars and conferences constitute another way of ministering to the youth in the SCOC Church. The youth converge in one place for a minimum of 3-5 days where special guests and experienced ministers speak to them; they hold workshops, share testimonies, have special moments of praise and worship as well as devotion time. Sometimes they organize competitions and reward those who perform well. This has helped many to cope with the challenges of globalization characterized by drug abuse, promiscuity, ungodliness, rebellion, lots of incurable diseases (HIV/AIDS and other STD/STIs), rampant unemployment and child-headed homes.

Majority youth who have ever attended the camps have experienced gradual changes in their social lives, sexuality and education wise, they are excelling. This has significantly reduced the HIV prevalence among the youth in the SCOC Church as they have truly known the benefits of abstinence and they are taught how to sustain Godly relationships that lead to a holy marriage and glorifies Christ.